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We work on a vast number of different boilers throughout London but why choose us to carry out your repair?

  • Over 20 years experience means faster diagnosis which in turn means you’ll pay less
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  • Fast response times – When your boiler breaks you need to get someone in quickly

Error codes, flashing lights, leaks or a noisy combi boiler? We can help get your home back to normal but there are a few things you can try before calling us out

Read my list below of the most common boiler faults:

Low pressure

If your boiler’s pressure gauge drops below 1 then your boiler may fail to light

What you can do: Look for leaks or signs of damp throughout your home. Be sure to check radiator pipes and any valves on system. Boilers can lose pressure for a number of reasons; faulty expansion vessel, filling loop letting etc but sometimes they can just lose pressure naturally over time. Try re-filling your system until the pressure gauge goes back just above the 1 mark. You can look in the boilers paperwork on how to do this or give us a call and we can help. Lastly, your boiler will most likely have a safety relief pipe which usually will be terminating externally near your boiler. If this is leaking then you most likley have an internal issue with your boiler.

No pilot light

A very common problem on older boilers. The pilot light is the small flame kept alight permanently on your boiler. If it goes out it could mean theres a blockage, gas outage or even a draught blowing it out. Another common issue is with the thermocouple failing.

What you can do: Check your other gas appliances are working correctly and try to relight the pilot by reading through the manufacturers re-lighting guidelines.

Noisy boiler

Boiler banging or maybe whistleing noises coming from inside? Then the most likely issue is your boiler overheating. This can be caused by a faulty pump or dirt in the system. If you experience vibrating and gurgling noises, then a likely cause could be trapped air in the system.

What you can do: Try bleeding your radiators to expel any trapped air. If this fails to help then you will most likley need an engineer to investigate.


If you notice a leak coming from your boiler then youll need an engineer. Water and electricty does not mix well!

What you can do: Call out an engineer and try to contain the leak

Cold radiators

If your radiators are cold at the top but warm at the bottom then you most likely have air in the system. If its the opposite way round – warm at top, cold at bottom then you most likely have a dirty system. Another reason cold be faulty radiator valves.

What you can do: Release any air by bleeding all your radiators and making sure the radiator valves are open. Failing this it is most likely you will need a chemical powerflush of the system.


Many times it can be as simple as your thermostat or programmer being faulty.

What to do: Check your programmer and thermostat settings

Frozen condensate pipe

Newer condensing boilers have a pipe that drains the acidic water from your boiler out to an external drain. In cold weather this pipework, especially if not properley insulated, can freeze causing your boiler to fail.

What to do: Carefully thawing out this pipework with warm water will melt the ice blockage and get boiler working again.

"Mark came to my flat to issue a Gas Safety Certificate and to install a gas cooker. He previously came to repair my boiler.

What I am impressed about is his communication: he explained the issues with simple words to understand for a non technical person like myself."

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